2 Months Old

Evelyn turned two months old on Thursday (nine weeks on Saturday). On Friday, she got her first round of vaccinations – three shots and a dropper-full of medicine. She wasn’t exactly pleased about it, but was very brave; her dad had been at pains to explain the importance of herd immunity. By getting vaccinated, Evelyn isn’t just keeping herself healthy – she’s helping lots of other little boys and girls.

There were also the requisite measurements, which were extremely gratifying:
(beer bottle for scale)

Evelyn is 12.5 pounds (88th percentile) and 24.5 inches (98th percentile), and in clinical terms, cute as a button. Nice growth, kiddo!  Maybe by the next visit we can have you trained to smile for the camera.


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  1. Sarah said

    Zoe had the rock hammer for scale, and Charlotte has her monkey. I should have guessed you’d use a beer bottle…nice.

    Nice baby, too. She’s so beautiful!

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