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Evelyn has a new ukulele.

Thanks, Grammy Susan!


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Derby Day

Evelyn enjoyed the Kentucky Derby.  Thanks to the magic of TiVo, she was able to watch it again and again.  However, the only part that really held any interest for her was the moment the horses came out of the gate.  (“Go, go, horses!  Fast!”)  In our house, the 137th Kentucky Derby has begun about 300 times, and finished maybe five times.

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Grammy Susan

Evelyn was very excited to see Grammy Susan on her recent visit.  And what do you do when special visitors come to town (besides wake them up at 5:45 AM)?  Take them to the park!

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Rocking & Rowing

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With spring returning in fits and starts, Evelyn has had a few chances to get to the park.  She has decided that she’s ready for all the big-kid play equipment.  Mom is not 100% convinced.

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Easter was a pretty good time for Evelyn.  She got to see her cousin Fiona, hang out at Grandma and Pa’s house, and go on not one but two Easter egg hunts.

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