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9 Months Old

Beer bottle for scale.


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Desert Backpack Ride

In Arizona, Evelyn and Dad went out early one morning for a little nature walk on a path near Grandma & Grandpa’s place.  The sun was shining and it was a perfect morning for a walk.  Evelyn had a great time, as she always does when she gets to go for backpack rides.

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Retrospective: Conservatory

On the Sunday before going to Arizona, Evelyn and Dad took a little trip to the Como Conservatory.  Evelyn had a really good time – it was her first time seeing fresh green plants in a while.  For that matter, it was Dad’s, too.  There were lots of cool things to see – the fern garden, a huge coconut palm, lilies, and a fig tree that was pruned all the way back to naked!  But the coolest was the spice area, where there were bananas, cinnamon, an allspice tree, and even a pineapple!  Dad had seen pineapple plantations before, but not up close – and certainly not a baby pineapple growing inside!

Evelyn was less impressed.

She was pretty thrilled when she got to see the anaconda swimming in the tropical exhibit in the zoo, but there aren’t any pictures of that – you’ll have to trust me.

Next – more Arizona fun!

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Evelyn went to the Phoenix Zoo while in Arizona.  She saw giraffes, zebras, otters, and even touched a camel!  Here she is in the Monkey Village:

The zoo was pretty great!

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Evelyn is in Arizona right now, visiting Grandma Joleen and Granpa Bruce.  She’s been having a great time.  The airplane ride was a lot of fun:

And she settled right in at Grandma and Grandpa’s: rocking with Grandpa Bruce and Big Bear…

hanging out with Dad on the back porch…

and exploring the playground with Fiona and Grandma Joleen:

Evelyn’s visit to Arizona has been a ton of fun so far!

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