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Evelyn’s big new trick is crawling.  She’s gone from not-quite-there to all over it in about the last week.  She is now a very confident crawler, able to zip over hardwood floors and negotiate various assorted obstacles in order to get at whatever captures her interest.

In this case, the object of interest was Dad’s boot.


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Spring Break

This week, Evelyn’s daycare celebrated spring by having a different dress-up theme each day.  Monday was Beach Day.

Tuesday was College Day, but we forgot the camera in the car.

Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day!

Thursday was Pajama Day, and Evelyn was sporting some excellent bed-head:

Friday was Fancy Friday/Prom.  Fancy Friday is a tradition that Evie’s dad started; the daycare teachers decided to combine it with Prom in order to make it easier to decorate.  Evie was pretty fancy!

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Spring Swinging

With the time change and the recent spell of unseasonably warm weather, Evelyn has been able to go outside for a little while after supper.  Tonight she went to the local playground.  She played on the slide with Dad, and rode in a swing for the first time.  She was not eager to leave.

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Rockin’ Heifer

Rockin’ Heifer was a gift from a friend who outgrew it.  Evelyn thinks it’s pretty dang fun.

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