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Retrospective: Easter

Evelyn was up early on Easter, ready to go.

It sure was great to see Grandma at church!

Evie made it most of the way through the service before needing a change of scenery; Dad was happy to oblige.  Then it was time for a family photo…

… and the Easter basket from Grandma!

Evie’s cousin Fiona is a really good tickler.

And after lunch, Grandpa took Evie and Fiona for a ride in a golf cart!  They got to see a whole bunch of turtles at a pond (not pictured because Dad was enjoying a tasty beverage).

Easter was basically enough fun to knock you over.


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Who likes bath time?

Evie likes bath time!

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Ringing in Spring

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Evelyn got her first haircut on Saturday.  She had gotten well into crazy-hair territory, as this picture from Friday demonstrates:

And her rat-tail had become truly glorious (it blends in a little with the brown top, but still):

She was super-good at the barber shop – just sat quietly with the bib around her neck while it all happened around her.  And now, here it is – never before captured in photos – the back of Evelyn’s neck!

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More Fun Swinging

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