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Coming into her own…

At eight weeks, Evelyn is starting to develop her own appearance and her very own face..  She doesn’t just look like “a baby” anymore, and is starting to look like Evelyn.



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A Good Friday



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Cousin Evelyn and Cousin Julian found each other to be a bit of a bemusement.

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Everybody Loves a Good Suck


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U. S. Open Cup

On Tuesday, Evelyn celebrated attaining one month of post-partum life by attending the Minnesota Thunder’s 3rd round U. S. Open Cup match against the Kansas City Wizards of MLS.  Unfortunately, Evelyn was not able to go the full ninety, succumbing to sleepiness shortly after her half-time supper.  She was required to leave the ground not long after.  Sadly, that meant she missed seeing the Thunder force an overtime, and then penalty kicks, before being defeated and eliminated from the Cup on the fourth PK.  She was as proud as her dad, though, of how the Thunder played – strong possession and a lot of offensive pressure, especially in the second half – and it is to be expected that she’ll be back before long.

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