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Rock the Cradle

Sunday had a couple more firsts for Evelyn.  It was the Current‘s annual Rock the Cradle event, held at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Children’s Theater Company.  There were live performances, puppet shows, an instrument petting zoo, and a kids’ disco.  This wasn’t Evie’s first time at the MIA, but it was her first time at a disco.  It was fantastic!

Evelyn also got her very first (temporary) tattoo at Rock the Cradle.  It actually made her pretty happy, but you could be forgiven for thinking she was a little surly:


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Shopping Cart

Evelyn went for her very first ride in a shopping cart today.  She thought it was pretty great – a fun ride, and so much to see!  The store was pretty crowded, so there were lots of things going on and Evelyn was working hard trying to figure everything out.  Being in the cart was a whole new angle on things!

Evelyn, how did your shoulder get so wet?

Oh – that’s how.

Here you can see Evelyn’s brand new teeth!  They’re just poking through, and they’re sharp!

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Evelyn has become a champion sitter-upper – and she’s pretty happy about it, too.

She went from wobbly-on-her-butt to just-set-me-upright-I-got-it in the four days after Christmas.  These pictures are from New Year’s weekend.

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7 Months Old

Beer bottle for scale.

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When Evelyn started daycare back in the summer, her teachers put a sign on the door of her room to welcome her.  They gave us the sign, and it now graces the door to Evelyn’s bedroom. Lately, she has begun insisting that whenever she leaves her room, whoever is carrying her must pause so that she can admire her sign.

The sign makes Evelyn very happy.

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Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, it was snowy but fairly warm, so Evelyn and Dad went for a walk together.

Evelyn had a pretty good time on the walk, but what really got her excited was the presents.  Specifically, the ribbon!

Mom enjoyed the matching outfits.

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Duck Butt!

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