Painting Pumpkins at Daycare

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Evelyn Feeds her Need for Speed

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Children’s Museum

Evelyn went to the Minnesota Children’s Museum today.  It was fantastic.  She spent about an hour and a half exploring the Habitot area, which is aimed right at kids her age.  She pushed buttons to make the timber wolf howl and great horned owl hoot, she played with the ice fishing hole, and she found duck eggs and turtles in the pond.  Then the super-fun started – Evie climbed up a rope ladder, and slid down a slide!  At first she needed a little bit of help, but after the third go-round, she really only needed Mom and Dad to spot her – she had it down.

Then it was time to play with the spider, who lived on a bunjee cord in a corner.  He was super-funny, and Evelyn climbed up to visit the top of his web.

Then Evie got to go shopping in the Explore Our World exhibit.  She pretty much cleared out the produce aisle, but fortunately she hasn’t quite worked out the checkout lanes yet, and was fine with leaving the full carts where they were.

The Children’s Museum is awesome!

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At the Farm

On Sunday, Evelyn went to a family reunion out on her great-aunt and -uncle’s farm.  It was lots of fun to see all the family, and to meet a lot of people she hadn’t met before.  Grandma came, and took Evelyn into the barn to meet some of the animals.  Evelyn met the cows, a goat, and the donkeys.

Evelyn thought the donkeys were really funny.  Here she’s pointing them out to Grandma between giggles.

There were also beanbags to play with!

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Playing with the Ball

Evelyn recently got to go on a picnic with a bunch of friends, including Zoe.  Zoe is three, and recently learned to play soccer.  She was enthusiastic about trying to teach Evelyn how to play, but Evelyn hasn’t quite grasped the idea of “no using your hands.”  She did have a fantastic time chasing the ball after Zoe kicked it, though.

When Zoe saw there was ball-playing going on, she raced right over to join in.

“You don’t use your hands in soccer, Evelyn.”

Evie raced across that stretch of grass in no time flat – it’s like she’s been walking her whole life.

That’s her “I’m having way too much fun to just smile” face.

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On the Back Stoop

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Evelyn Up North

Evelyn recently took a vacation in northern Minnesota with her family.  In addition to eating lots of delicious blueberries, she got to go wading in the lake, fed the ducks, took her first (and second and third!) boat ride, and got to meet some of Mom’s side of the family who she hadn’t met before.  She also made the transition from a cautious hesitant walker to a confident toddler.  Blink!  Now I’m walking!

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Evelyn Loves Her Wagon

Where’s Evie?

There she is!

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Sprinkle Pool

When summer comes around, that can only mean one thing:  time to play in the sprinkle-pool!

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At the Arboretum

This was not Evelyn’s first trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, but it was the first one she stayed awake for.  It’s about 20 minutes from home, so it’s a good destination for Dad when running errands and Evie decides it’s time for a car nap.  But this time around, it was picnic time!

Evelyn enjoyed trying on Dad’s sunglasses…

climbing on Dad…

and climbing a tree!

Hooray for the arboretum!

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