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Big Sister

Evelyn is a big sister!  Over the weekend she got to go to the hospital to visit Mom and her new baby sister Elizabeth.  She was very happy to see Mom, and very excited to meet the baby!

There was a little birthday party to welcome Elizabeth, and Evelyn got to have thirds on cupcakes.  (The cupcakes were very small.)


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Baby Shoes

After the fun of trying on Mama’s boots, Evelyn decided to go the other direction and see if she could fit into some baby shoes. The baby’s shoes are officially “tiny.”

It’s socks first, then shoes, Evie!

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“Boots!” said Evelyn.  “Mama boots!”

So we put them on.

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New Book

Evelyn got a new book today.  She picked it out quickly, and carried it around the store for the full twenty minutes we spent there.  She asked for other books to be read to her, but never let go of this one.  Here is a picture of her enjoying it in the car.

New books are the best.

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This weekend, Evelyn went to a party for her mom’s work.  There were lots of other kids there, loads of toys, and plenty of space to run in.  But for whatever reason, this is how Evelyn decided to entertain herself.

The floor looked pretty clean to me, but I guess she’s closer, so maybe she saw something I didn’t.

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Milkshakes, part 2

Another week, another milkshake.  This time, while she liked using the straw, she was more interested in the spoon method.  Also on display in these pictures is her new “smile for the camera” face.

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Evelyn’s First Milkshake

We told her she didn’t have to drink it all at once and that she could take a rest if she wanted to.  That just resulted in her leaning her head against Dad’s shoulder, continuing to suck vigorously on the straw.

It was blueberry.  It was a hit.

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Hurray for Snow!

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Happy Halloween!

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